East Technical High School - 1908

East Technical High School
East Technical High School or East Tech is a secondary school under the operation of the Cleveland Public School District in Cleveland, Ohio. The school when it opened on October 5, 1908 was the first public trade school in the city and reported to be only one of five in the entire United States at the time. East Tech's first principal was James F. Barker (1906-1911) from Muskegon, Michigan.

The school was a sports powerhouse in the city, winning numerous titles in football, basketball and track and field. Some notable alumni include Olympic Games athletic stars such as Jesse Owens, Harrison Dillard and Dave Albritton. The original building stood for some 64 years until a new building was dedicated and moved into on October 11, 1972. The current structure now sits at the corner of E.55th and Scoville Ave on the east side of Cleveland. Learn about the new Small School Concept of East Technical High School

Our School Emblem
The first principal of East Technical High School was James Barker, chose the Scarab as our school emblem because of its symbolic meaning and because the division of the wings on its back suggest a “T”, which would stand for Tech.  To the ancient Egyptians, the Scarab symbolized “The Gift of Life”. On May 19, 1909, the Reverend G.F. Williams, rector of the Church of the Ascension of Lakewood, presented to East Technical a real Scarab.

This beetle was found in the hand of a mummy in a tomb of Luxor, Egypt and is believed to be about three thousand years old.  The beetle is about one and a quarter inches long and fifteen-sixteenths of an inch wide.  On the lower side is inscribed the following prayer, “I lift up my hands of truth, in prayer to Ra, the Royal, and ask the Gift of Life”.   E.G. Wydman, Instructor of wood carving, made a beautiful rosewood box, hand carved, with designs from the lotus, the sacred flower of Egypt.  In this our East Tech Emblem rests.
As East Tech students appreciate their school and the ideal of the Scarab they do receive “The Gift of Life”. 

The Alumni Association
Since 1981 the mission of The East Technical High School Alumni Association (ETAA) has been to award annual scholarships to assist the educational goals of current East Tech students. ETAA provided scholarships for many years in addition to monetary contributions that benefited East Tech High School.  As years progressed, ETAA suffered due to a lack of participation and support of its alumni.  Because of their dedication and commitment to the organization’s future existence, the Executive Board lead by Dwight Bell, mentored several alumni candidates to occupy board seats.  In 2005, Alumni Candidates brought their “A” game and volunteered their expertise in the plan to revitalize the organization.  After months of hard work and dedication, the new executive board emerged.   

As of January 2006, the new regime led by Greta Stakely-Humphrey moved forward in its continued mission and the rebirth of the organization where past board members were promoted to the Advisory Board. Since activation, the Executive and Advisory Board has been working diligently and is steadfast in their approach to unite all classes for the benefit of East Tech Students